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General Discussion / Re: 2k19 Shirts
« Last post by Zhar Tah-Jot on Yesterday at 07:15:43 PM »
General Discussion / Re: 2k19 Shirts
« Last post by Confused Mortal on Yesterday at 02:58:07 PM »
I'm down.
General Discussion / Re: 2k19 Shirts
« Last post by KPK on Yesterday at 01:38:31 PM »
Could we do Front/Back t-shirts?

Front "What do you get when you play the Game of DragonCon?" + picture

Back "80,000 best friends, lots of pie and getting lost at 4am while looking for the drum circle."
Not sure what to do for the picture yet. First idea was like a fantasy type version of a map of dragoncon. Its not an exact quote but the reference is similar enough? I could probably draw something up if we wanted to do the map. I'll keep thinking of ideas.

Cant think of anything funny to put instead of " you win or you die"  - but im at work so Im distracted - this is the quote im playing off of:

"When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground"

Edit 2:

"Thats what we do. We drink and talk about DragonCon." + a picture of Tyrion drinking? Maybe find a way to insert a rum bucket instead of a cup?

(A play on the "Thats what i do." I drink and I know things."
General Discussion / 2k19 Shirts
« Last post by Trathor on June 24, 2019, 09:55:13 AM »
Quick informal poll on who all is interested in shirts this year, and if there are any ideas on the theme you.  Seems like GoT or Marvel would be timely. 
Get me there! (now also with Roomshare!) / Girl Needs Hotel Room
« Last post by pundadoodle on June 22, 2019, 03:27:43 PM »
While this year will be my second con, it will be my first staying in a hotel (hopefully) room! My friends all have rooms already, thus I am alone on this hunt. I am a 31yr old lady who likes to party but also cherishes her sleep. I'd prefer a quiet room because I mainly intend on going back to the room to rest. Obviously there's going to be socializing going on, but I am not interested in a "party" room. I'm more likely to hang out in my friends' rooms than this one.

I'm looking for either Thurs-Mon or Fri-Mon. Mixed genders in the room is fine. I smoke, but it would be strictly out on the balcony. Seeking either bed or floor space or even someone who's cool with doing 2 nights bed, 2 floor and switching in the middle. That being said, I'd still want the room to be maxed out at like 6 people. My preference would be a host hotel, but I'm open to anything nearby.

I have no idea how much these things cost, so any information would be helpful. I'd like to stay under/around $300 if that's possible, but I'm willing to go up for better accommodations.

Email me at if you think we'd be a good fit!
Costumes / Seeking partner for Heavenly Sword/Lilo & Stitch mashup cosplay
« Last post by pundadoodle on June 22, 2019, 02:51:42 PM »
So I have this rad idea for a mashup cosplay of the sisters from both Heavenly Sword (old ass video game) and Lilo & Stitch. The plan is to essentially make costumes in the ninja-style from the game but with the color pallet of L&S. I am willing to be either Nariko-Nani or Kai-Lilo!
Anyone interested???
Moderators: Please lock
Room claimed. Thanks!
Super interested in your room! I'll shoot you a pm but email me at if it's not already taken!
Howdy all -
Are you looking for a host hotel room of your very own for DragonCon 2019? Well, our bad news is your good news... My spouse and I decided that due to unforeseen home renovation disasters we can no longer afford to go to Con this year.  :'(  This is super sad for us as I've been an annual attendee for, oh, only decades. Adulting is full of tough choices.

However, that means our king Marriott room, which we have reserved and already fully paid for (check in Thursday, check out Monday), is up for transfer to a congoer in need at cost. ($1212.38 is what I've been charged by Marriott including all fees.) Please reply to this thread if interested; serious inquiries only please.

We will follow the procedures at the below link, with the lucky transfer recipient:

Edit: Room claimed!  Thanks, DCForums!
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