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We have a room in the Westin Host Hotel--high floor, "deluxe" room, non-accessible. My fiancee and I are looking for another couple (or a pair of platonic friends, whatevs :-P) to share with.

Rate is con rate (I believe $309 per night) plus taxes and fees. We will be there from Thursday, 8/30 (arriving in the late morning) to Monday, 9/4 (leaving late morning).  We would be willing to negotiate price for the right person/couple.

We're in our mid-30s and are not really the party-hard types. We're much more likely to just keep a constant low-level beer buzz throughout the day, and will probably only be back to the room past midnight on Saturday night. So we're mostly looking for something similar--people who are there to have tons of fun but then need to get to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour because they're old, lol. If we get home late (or if you get home late) we're happy to just quietly sneak into bed and conk out, so we hope you're the same.

No drug-use, vaping or smoking in room (none of which I think are allowed anyway) please.
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Re: Roomshare for Westin Hotel - Con Rates
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Okay I think that's finally fully posted - the accented e in fiancee was breaking it.