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**COMPLETED** Looking for Female Roommates at Hyatt Atlanta Midtown - can remove

Hey all! So most of the people I had secured as roommates backed out. The hotel is not in the direct area of DragonCon, but it's much cheaper because of that, and it is an overflow hotel. It's 4 stops on the MARTA to get from the hotel to the Con area. (That's maybe 15 minutes max?) The hotel is also only a 4-minute walk from the train station. If you wanted to take a car after a late-night party, it's an 8 minute drive.

The hotel is $205/night Thursday through Monday. This does not include taxes. The room has two double beds - I'm not looking to pack the room like sardines. My friend is coming for just Saturday and Sunday; she will sleep in a bed with me, so I'm looking to fill the other one!

The rate will be split evenly between each roommate each night. I AM looking for someone to commit to paying for the full stay even if they don't stay the whole time.

I am probably going to be away from the hotel for most of the day each day. I volunteer with the Alternate History track and try to attend as many panels all over the Con as I can. I cosplay but my biggest pieces are wings and a top hat. ;) I'm in my early 30s and am looking for respectful people there to enjoy the Con. I will be getting up early-ish (maybe 8am each day), so I'm planning on bringing earplugs and a face mask for myself, I suggest the same all around.

Let me know if you think you'd be a good fit. I'm hoping to have a great Con experience!
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Re: Looking for 3 Female Roommates at Hyatt Atlanta Midtown
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I would like to be a roommate
 Female, non-smoker

Re: Looking for Female Roommates at Hyatt Atlanta Midtown
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Hey! The room is available - can you PM me and tell me a bit about yourself?