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Need to ditch a Hotel Room

Need to ditch a Hotel Room
« on: August 07, 2017, 11:20:46 PM »
Hey all I have a double queen room at the Aloft hotel. things have come up and I dont need the room but the hotel is not refunding so i hope to transfer this room to someone in search of a room.

It is a 2 Queen sized beds room at the Aloft Downtown hotel. Not too far from the con hotels.

Price depends on the days you want. Below listed price is not at a con rate but it does include everything but parking fees.

8/31-9/5 - for $1525.76
9/1-9/5 -  for $1280.76

the only day the hotel will let me cancel is the 31s.... Please pass this along to anyone in need of a room. I really really need to transfer this room.

Anyways please send me an Email - and put dragon con room in the subject so I can spot it if it gets sent to the spam folder.