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In desperate need of a room

In desperate need of a room
« on: August 23, 2016, 06:54:56 PM »
Hello all,

I need a place to crash.
Im a thrifty cosplayer.
I will bring snacks, I dont mind social drinkers, but if possible no hard core partiers.

I would like to,
check in on Thurs/Fri and
check out on Mon/Tues

My room preferences are:
Any hotel that is either at the con or nearby, is ok.
The reason, is because I live far away, I cant drive at night due to my eyes are going bad.
I really dont want to drive the distance and possibly get into a car accident.
Not only that, I'm a volunteer, and I will be also working my regular job, which is kinda nearby, so I need be close.
Any type of bedding is ok.

My budget is extremely tight right now because of a recent health scare for one, and I'm desperately seeking somebody that can put me up for the weekend
if possible with little money.
it seems like every time i turn around to save money for the convention something happens.
it's either been my health, my car, my living situation or something in between.
I have tried so hard to save money this year and it has falling through every time. sigh.
I'm willing to barter my time, if you are local or something.

I don't want to cancel my plans for Dragon con specially that Im a long-term veteran. If I do, I will be very sad/depressed and it's the weekend before my birthday. so I want to make the best of it.

So if you have space for me.
let me know asap
Either respond to this post or contact me at

Thank you for reading this and have a ok day