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Edited: Seeking 1 Now -- Host Hotel/Sheraton: Seeking 2 female roommates

Hotel(s): Host Hotel - Sheraton
   Check-in: Wednesday
   Check-out: Monday
   Room preferences: No smoking, no snoring, no party-ers
   Number of rooms: 1 room/1 bed space
   Contact info: wanderlustlover [at] gmail

Sheraton: Seeking 1 female roommates

Two girls (attendees 7+ years, room-share-r's 5-ish years) seeking 1 more girl to share a double queen room in the Sheraton Host hotel.

We are looking for two women who don't smoke, don't snore, and won't be super drunk in the room (though casual drinking is completely cool). We're cosplayers, panel goers, and general fans of everything DragonCon, so we'll be happy to share space and our days, as same and different as they might be, with you. Available Wed/Monday, $340 (pre tax ; tax & internet additions to be split with the bill the last morning).

Please send an email at the email listed above (not a forum message) if interested. Offers have been put up here, facebook, and LiveJournal, all directing to the email to be fair all across. It will be first come first serve as two of our normal room compliment can't make it and we'd like to fill the holes as quickly as possibly.
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