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Music at Dragon Con!!


Music at Dragon Con!!
« on: May 06, 2010, 05:07:54 PM »
I demand more music at Dragon Con too! The Filk track was almost non exsistent last year, but that couldn't be helped. BUt, the usual Filk Track leader Tom Smith is back and all better this year.

I hope for Marc Gunn to return and Andrew McKee with Flynn's Folly. I also wish for the Great Luke Ski's return and the brand new amazing Filkers.......Ridikulus!!!!! They are so amazing! Some might remember them from The Open Filk Night in 2008. They were loved by all ever The Great Luke Ski himself!!!!

We also need more Asian groups, bands for the Japanese/Asian Culture Track! Quaff is so amazing and should be booked for Dragon Con for sure!!!! Peelander-Z made a great debut in 2008 as well and should be welcomed back with open arms!!!

Also there are many ways to cross the talent genres! Many amazing voice actors/actors are also musicians with bands of their own! Greg Cipes, known by many as Beastboy from Teen Titans and Kevin Eleven on Ben Ten also fronts the band Cipes and the People! Johnny Young Bosch, known by all as Ichiago on Bleach, he fronts the band Eyeshine! Also we have Eric Stuart who is known by many as Gourry from Slayers fronts The Eric Stuart Band! Then, we have Cree Summer who has done way too many characters to name them all, is also an amazing singer! She did the voice of Numbuh 5 on Kids Next Door and Susie Carmichael on Rugrats!

Everyone join in and demand more music at Dragon Con!!!!!!

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