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Aquarium tickets for sale!

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Aquarium tickets for sale!
« on: July 20, 2018, 04:33:45 PM »
My coworker was going to go to con this year, but she's closing on her first house on that Thursday :( She had already bought 2 tickets to the night at the aquarium, does anyone want to buy them off me? They're 30$ each, the event is Saturday night and the full details are on the DragonCon website. It looks super cool, but that's going to be my roomies' first night at the con and I really, really can't abandon them at their first big con on that night!

I can meet you at the con for the exchange, I'll be at the meet and greet at Gus's on Thursday (or we can work something else out if you can't make it to Gus's.. but seriously, who would want to miss chicken that good!!)

(Psst - if it isn't OK to post this here, please delete! I don't remember all the forum rules!)