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'Legend of the Seeker' Volunteers Needed for our First Fan Table at D*Con :)


Hi everyone, Newbie here, this is my first post  ;D

'Legend of the Seeker' Volunteers are needed ASAP for our very first LOTS Fan Table at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia THIS Weekend!!  8)

**Please click here for info**

There are also other Seeker Festivities happening at D*Con as well, including a LOTS Consuite Party  8)

**Please click here for a list of the info**

(If you plan on going to the LOTS Con Suite Party on Sunday, be looking for this banner. It should be up by the door:

This banner will be for the Parade on Saturday:  )

Hope that everyone attending has "LOTS" of fun  ;D

Agent Extremis
"Save Our Seeker"