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Please Read: Rules of the Forum

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Please Read: Rules of the Forum
« on: August 15, 2014, 12:39:23 AM » Official Rules of the Road

Our forum has always been diverse, as are the people who enjoy Dragon Con.  As we continue to multiply in numbers year after year, the board staff and I have been remiss in outlining some rules and guidelines for the forum.  As such, there have been a few separate cases of heads butting and feelings being hurt.  To remedy this, we have put together a list of the basic rules of the forum, which should remove confusion, enlighten us all, and make the stars shine a little brighter at night. 

Ultimately, we have but one goal for this board:

To be a totally chill place where we can talk about how awesome next DragonCon will be and how bad-ass last DragonCon was.

Now, for the rules that should not even be necessary to enumerate, here they are...enumerated:

1) Don't be a dick.

Everyone is here to have a good time, so personal attacks will not be tolerated. This carries over into our meet-and-greets and parties at con. If you are a new member, keep in mind that there are a lot of long-time members here, and as with any community, you can't just come in guns blazing and hope people will be ok with all aspects of your personality. Take time to blend. This is a very accepting group of people from all walks of life.  You do not have to converse with every person on the board, and when you invariably find that person who irritates you to no end... go to another post and focus there.  There are times and places to fight and argue with each other... but today is not that day, and this forum is not that place. 

2) Don't argue with the admins and moderators.

The admins and mods keep the place running smoothly. Any changes they make are for the betterment of the entire board. If you object to your topic getting moved to the "wrong" area, let it go.  Reorganizing by interest and readability is not a personal attack against you, and especially with a range of people and topics as diverse as what we have here, it is impossible to maintain structure in a way that everyone thinks is perfect.  We try to evolve the forum to continually meet the needs of the whole community.  Posts get moved.  Threads get locked.  Boards get archived.  This is typical stuff for a well-maintained forum.  If you are confused about what has happened - ask about it with a private message to one of the staff.  If the question is one that get's asked often, or is good for everyone to know, we will create a FAQ around it.  If you find yourself feeling very strongly about something... chances are you need to calm down, walk away for a bit, and then write/ post when you are not pissed off.  Writing when you are pissed off almost always feels the drama monster.  This applies to everyone, and really is good advice outside of the forum. 

3) Keep posts fun, but relavent

Yes, it's fun to get more posts, and get more access to parts of the forum.  But really we have structured it to open up more content that is pertinent to people with more posts. 

When it comes to posts, we want to achieve the proper balance of people having fun while at the same time not creating a bunch of fluff that makes it hard to follow along with the OP (Original Post).  Please have fun, but also be respectful of subsequent readers of the thread.  When you want to read a thread to learn more about something, you don't want to wade through 8 pages of weak content to find the 3 meaningful posts. 

Furthermore it feels great to get Karma points... as they represent kudos from people on the forum.  As we point out in that FAQ, if your Karma goes down, instead of getting mad, take it as feedback from the general community.  When viewed constructively, this feedback can be helpful.  Let's say that again... a drop in Karma can be helpful.  It's also worth noting, generally, Forum Staff never give negative Karma.  If a rule has been violated, we will follow a new warning system, more details on that below. 

On a related note, we often get asked if there is anything people can do to support the forum, and we really appreciate it.  The biggest help is to participate positively in the community.  Things like The Half Dragon, making name tags for the Meet & Green, or even just linking your favorite threads to tweets/ other places in the internet, are the best things you can do for us.  When it comes to staff, we very specifically are trying to limit the number of moderators we have, as too many cooks in the kitchen can actually make it harder to maintain.  If you have feedback on a new board you believe we need or other feedback, Private Messages or posts in Tech Support and Forum Feedback is the best place for that. 


If you don't think you can abide by these rules, just disinvite yourself from the party.  Don't make us issue warnings and bans and stuff.  Just leave.  We don't want the drama.  We just want to have fun.  All of this carries over into our real-life events as well.  If you just aren't able to see what you're doing wrong, then yeah, we're gonna let you know about it, and if you don't stop, we'll kick you off.  This is no different than any other place you've been on the Internet in that regard.

Warning System

Please note, this is subject to change as it is newly implemented. 

When one of the rules above is violated, you are going to get feedback from one or more of the Forum Staff in the form of a warning.  This is feedback.  Take it constructively.  Learn from it.  PM back to the staff if there are any questions.  If needed, Trathor will arbitrate, but know that typically the forum staff is of the same opinion. 

Parameters of Warnings:
  • Each violation of the rules increases warning level by 1
  • Warnings drop by 1 each day (if no warnings were given in last 24 hours)
  • When a user is over 1, they are 'on watch', and will have posts seen by all admins and moderators.
  • When a user is over 3 they cannot post until they are under 3. (This means you have to wait several days before you can post again... you can still read posts however.)
  • Any moderator can give a maximum of 1 warning per user per day.
  • Any admin can give any number of warnings at any time.
  • Everyone can see their own warning level.
  • Only moderators and admins can see warning level of other people.

When a warning is given, the reason for the warning will be stated, including what Rule has been violated.  Members are allowed and encouraged to inquire further about their warnings. 

If a user has a warning level over 3 more than once in a 3 month period the Forum Staff will review and provide feedback on what the user needs to do to prevent a future ban after the next warning level in excess of 3. 

If a user receives more than 3 warnings in a two weeks the Forum Staff will review and provide feedback on what the user needs to do to prevent a future ban. 
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