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Welcome to the Eternal Members board - FAQs

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Welcome to the Eternal Members board - FAQs
« on: November 09, 2014, 05:53:02 PM »
Welcome to the Eternal Members board of the Dragon Con Forums.

This board is open to everyone, you don't have to be an Eternal Member to post here. We are happy to answer questions from potential new EMs.

However, to help keep out evil robot attackers, this board is only visible when you log in, and only to people who have at least one post.  This is to help prevent attacks, and to help identify who is trying to do DoS attacks when they do occur.

My name is Zan (rhymes with "fan") and I've been an Eternal Member since 2005 and a Dragon Con attendee since 2003. I am not an employee or representative of Dragon Con, I'm just a regular fan. My goal is to bring the EMs together both online and at the con. The Eternal Members are a small group and always will be. What we lack in numbers we make up for in enthusiasm!

* You'll never have to pay for a membership again.
* You will be admitted to all Dragon Cons as long as it exists. If DC ever caps registrations, you are grandfathered in. So if getting into DC ever becomes as hard as getting a ticket to San Diego Comic Con or getting a room at a host hotel, you won't have to worry. You'll always have a badge. This has been confirmed by the Dragon Con office.
* Separate registration line for Eternal Members only is in the Marriott.
* Sometimes there are freebies in our registration line. Not guaranteed, quality and availability varies from year to year.
* Cool peach ribbon with gold "ETERNAL" lettering on it comes pre-attached to your badge.
* Current Price: $2,500. Can be purchased in the DragonCon online store.
* More info at

* Party on Thursday night for Eternals and possible (not guaranteed) celebs. To help the celebs feel relaxed, there are no recordings or photos permitted. This is enforced.
* The party has free food and an open bar.
* The party location is printed on the EM postcard you will get in the mail. This postcard is a different color than regular membership postcards. The color may vary from year to year.

Want to learn more about the Eternal Membership? is a new website with a HUGE FAQ. I am a longtime Eternal Member and I wrote it to answer the most common questions that people have asked me over the years. It also has a list of fan meetups and events. Disclaimer: This website is fan-created and fan-run. It is not connected to Dragon Con in any way.

These are the same as all other boards on this forum.
1) Be polite and respectful.
2) No spamming. Please keep posts of interest to your fellow board members.

I started this Facebook group. You do not need to be an EM to join, but admin approval is required. This is to keep out spammers.

A huge thanks to Trathor for making this possible!

- Zan, Eternal Member
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- Eternal Zan (rhymes with "fan")
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