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Edit 7-28-2015. Eternals 2015 parade group is full. Sign up for 2016!

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Edit 7-28-2015. Our parade group for this year is full but you can learn more and sign up for 2016 at

Edit 5-29-2014. We still have spaces! Parade registration is closed but you can still march in the parade by joining our group!

Join the Eternal Members as they march together in the Saturday morning parade at DragonCon 2015! Be a part of our first year marching as a group!

* This section is run by the Eternal Members fan group at (not affiliated with Dragon Con) at and but you DON'T have to be an Eternal Member to march with us - everyone is welcome! We look forward to meeting new people!

* A costume is required. Our theme this year is "Eternity/Immortality" - you can be a unicorn, a vampire, or any immortal creature you can think of... be creative! We have recently had zombies, ghosts, and robots join our group.

* A Dragon Con badge is required to march in the parade.

How Do I RSVP?
Sign up in the Facebook event at OR by commenting below. PLEASE do not do both - by signing up twice you will be denying someone else a precious space. There are limited spaces in the parade.

* Since this is our first year, we don't have a banner or sign yet. Do you have any ideas? What should it look like? What should it say?

* The Facebook event will be updated with more details as they become available.
* Privacy: The privacy setting of the Facebook event is set to "public" so that you can share it and invite your friends.

* General FAQ can be found at

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