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Eternals - do you want to march in the Parade together?

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Eternals - do you want to march in the Parade together?
« on: December 08, 2014, 10:00:07 PM »
For Eternal Members, what are your thoughts on marching with your fellow EMs in the parade? Parade registration opens in just over two months on Feb 16. The parade fills up faster every year so if there is enough interest then I'd like to register us as a group as soon as they open. We can always make changes later if needed. .

A) I would like to march with the Parade of Elements. We can help them finally realize their dream of filling out the  Periodic Chart. See details at and
B) I would like to march in the parade as our own separate EM group.
C) No thanks. I have other plans for that time or marching just isn't my thing.
D) I have another idea. Let me tell you all about it...

The EMs also have discussions on Facebook at In order to include as many people as possible I will cross post here on items that have to do with meeting up at con. I will continue to work on ideas for other EM con meetups after the holidays. 

As with all EM activities I am planning, non-Eternals are welcome. You can invite your friends and nemeses ;)
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