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DragonCon 2010 Video Footage-- Wide Screen--- From current Documentary in the wo

Hi to all. Here are a few clips from this year's Con.... We have interviews, a panel from the Alternate History Interactive!, the Parade, a steampunk fashion show, and more coming on the way. Let us know. We're, that is, Suzanne Barber and Matthew Hale, two graduate students in the Folk Studies and Anthropology department at Western Kentucky University are working on a documentary about DragonCon, costuming, performance, Cosplay, human creativity, etc, etc..... Anyway, this was our first year filming, and we will be back next year filming, participating (in costume, next year, probably steampunk anthropologist from the Breau of American Ethnology ala 1879)..... Thanks, the footage is a raw format at the moment, but hope everyone gets a chance to view it..... Thanks, Matt and Suzanne..

If you have any ideas for the documentary let us know....


Alternate History Interactive Panel! ---


Plus more on our channel....


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Very cool.
-Wyatt Funderburk

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Cool, I liked the Steampunk family.
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