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Umbrella Corps 2012

Umbrella Corps 2012
« on: April 04, 2012, 10:16:40 PM »
I'm doing Umbrella Corps (the scene after alice does the verticle wall run down the side of the building in 'R.E. Apocalypse' film, and fights the umbrella soldiers in motorcycle helmets.

I debuted my costume at roughly 80% movie accurate last weekend at 'Infestation' at the Shelter in ATL.  (will have pics, and costume piece list up soon)

anyways... wanting to try and organize some umbrella corps photo ops on one or two days. (I will only being doing umbrella the first and last days, as I have a secret Character Costume/Persona I have already committed the middle two days to.)

so yeah... roll call.

Special Agent #0414
Codename: Ninja
Counter Eco-Terrorism Unit Special Operations
Location: Raccoon City
Age: Unknown
Primary Objective: Reconnaissance
Secondary Objective: Suppression