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Nurse costume I admired and wanted to get more information (*Con 2012 or 2013(

Hey there, 
I am finally checking off 'going to Dragon*Con" on my bucket list as I turn 40.  My spouse worked in the Marriot Marquis building and we always met for lunch and saw the folks out and about or went to the parade.  So now am I a ticket holder!!!  I took my daughter there for the first day (Friday) when she was in Pre-k 2011 or 2012...I think 2012 where I saw this really cool nurse costume.  I tried asking folks which genre/class/show it belonged to.  Some folks guessed "Boarderlands" but I don't think that was it.  The gal had a great nurse uniform on and had these syringes on the sleeves.  It was a little tattered and bloodied up but it didn't look like the older uniform.  It was just a really cool costume and I wanted to see if anyone knew what I was talking about!! Unfortunately, I did NOT get a picture but I believe it was in 2012 or 2013 that I saw this gal and really liked the costume.  So if anyone has any clues on someone who wore this (had syringes on the sleeves), that would be great because I'd love to see another picture of it because I cannot recall the details myself (I am turning 40 soon!!!!)  Thank you community for any help or support finding this!! Thanks!!