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4th Annual Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy Photoshoot @ Dragon*con

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Thanks for the heads up to this forum!

Vampirate has passed the baton to me to organize her highly successful annual FF/KH meet at Dragon*con this year! Planning started before 08's con even ended, and hopefully this will make things easier for everyone. These decisions are based off a general consensus and experience, so hopefully with this much advanced warning, everyone who wants to should be able to make it.

Any further needed details will be fleshed out as the con draws closer, but as it stands, here is the info:

Date: Sunday
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Marriot Atrium Lobby Level, carpeted space next to Atrium Ballroom - across from Pulse (sailboat) Bar

* Both Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy cosplayers are meeting at the same time - 2 PM. This time has worked the best for at least the past two years, so we'll stick with it.

* Unless requested, there will be no individual group shots. We're simply going to line up, and let the crowd have at us with cameras. Final Fantasy to one side, KH to the other. If there is a desire and time, once the frenzy dies down, the groups can separate for series-specific shots of their own.

* I plan to look into asking a friend to take a few shots so that people are not scrambling to have friends/family/strangers take their camera. The photos will then be posted as a link to this thread, the photo thread, and linked from -- this way, there's no stress.

For links to photos from previous years, please see our main thread at here.  If you have an account there, please let us know if you're interested in attending so I can add you to the list!  Doing so is not required, but appreciated so that we have an idea of how many people to expect.  Everyone with a FF/KH costume is welcome, as well as anyone who wishes to come by to take photos.  Hope to see you there!
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